Fall Soccer


Registration begins July 1st and runs to August 11th. Paper registration forms will be distributed to Solon students on Friday, May 19th.


  • Beginner: Pre-K (age 4 by September 1st)
  • Rookie: Kindergarten / 1st Grade
  • Junior: 2nd Grade / 3rd Grade
  • Senior: 4th Grade / 5th Grade / 6th Grade


There are 5 matches for the season - the first night of matches is tentatively September 5th and 7th. Beginner and Junior levels play on Tuesday nights. Rookie and Senior matches are on Thursday nights (unless there are 12 or less rookie and junior teams combined--if that happens, rookies will play on Tuesday nights). Seniors play in a league with Mt. Vernon and Lisbon.

Coaches Meeting
Thursday, August 17th @ 6:30 pm in Solon City Hall


Practice times are determined by the coaches shortly after coaches meeting - tentatively scheduled to start the week of August 21st. Your team's coach will contact with you with the time and place.



  • Residents within Solon City Limits: $38
  • Residents outside Solon City Limits: $43
  • Late Fee: $15