City Code

City of Solon Code of Ordinances

The Municipal Code of the City of Solon (PDF) is published online as a convenience to citizens. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of material published online, citizens are advised the only official edition of the Code is the printed version maintained by the City Clerk. Please note there may have been amendments, additions, or deletions to this Code made subsequent to the last update. For more information, contact the City Clerk's office at 319-624-3755.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapters 1-10: General Code Provisions

    Access chapters 1-10 of the City Code.

  2. Chapters 15-25: Administration & Boards

    Find chapters of the city code regarding administration, boards and commissions of Solon.

  3. Chapters 30, 35-36: Police, Fire & Emergencies

    Check out the codes for the City of Solon regarding Police Department, Fire Department, and emergencies.

  4. Chapters 40 & 45: Public Offenses

    Read through the chapters of the Solon City Code regarding public offenses.

  5. Chapters 50-51 & 55: Nuisances & Animal Control

    Access the Solon City Code chapters regarding nuisances and animal control.

  6. Chapters 60-70, 75-76 & 80: Traffic & Vehicles

    Browse the chapters of Solon City Code related to traffic and vehicles.

  7. Chapters 90-94: Water

    Find the chapters of the City Code about water systems, including rates.

  8. Chapters 95-99: Sanitary Sewer

    Get sanitary sewer information from the Solon City Code.

  9. Chapters 105-106: Garbage & Solid Waste

    Discover the chapters of the Solon City Code regarding garbage and solid waste.

  10. Chapters 110-114: Franchises & Other Services

    Explore the chapters of the Solon City Code regarding franchises and other services including cable, phone, electric, and natural gas.

  11. Chapters 120-124: Regulation of Business/Vocations

    Get information about the regulation of business and vocations with these chapters of the City Code.

  12. Chapters 135-140: Streets & Sidewalks

    Discover information on the streets and sidewalks of Solon through these chapters of the City Code.

  13. Chapters 145-146, 150-152 & 155: Buildings

    See the regulations for buildings and property in Solon according to the City Code.

  14. Chapters 165-175: Zoning & Subdivision

    Find the zoning and subdivision chapters of the Solon City Code.