About Solon

The City of Solon is located in Johnson County in eastern Iowa. Solon is in close proximity to three larger communities-Iowa City, Coralville and Cedar Rapids. The town provides a good location for residents to live in a smaller community and easily commute to work in the nearby larger cities. The University of Iowa is also located in Iowa City, offering excellent employment and education opportunities to residents in Solon. There are several other communities in the vicinity that each offer their own unique flare for people in Solon to enjoy. Solon's economy is now composed of a few service industries, but still functions primarily as a bedroom community for the larger cities of Cedar Rapids, Coralville and Iowa City. Since 1990, construction has increased on the east, west and south periphery of the town. With the close proximity to Lake Macbride State Park and the Coralville Reservoir, as well as the excellent local school district, Solon has become a desirable community to live in.

Population & Housing

The 2010 census calculations denote the population of Solon as 2,037. This is a 73% increase since 2000. Solon is expected to continue to grow as more people are drawn to the convenient location with minimal commute. The median value of housing is higher than in other small communities in the area, yet housing is more affordable than in the nearby Iowa City, Coralville, and Cedar Rapids areas.

Parks & Recreation

There are a large number of recreational opportunities both in Solon and in the surrounding area. The recreational facilities range from general open spaces in certain neighborhoods, to playgrounds and a pavilion at Randall Park, to the full spectrum of outdoor activities at Lake Macbride State Park. In addition to these facilities, there are programs available for both youths and seniors in Solon. There is a need for more indoor facilities, which are being planned for as future projects through the churches, school, and City.

Road Network

Local and service streets comprise the majority of Solon's road network. Solon has two arterial roadways-Iowa Highway 1 and Main Street/County Road F-16/Old Iowa Highway 382. The Iowa Department of Transportation is looking to improve Highway 1 in Solon, but has not decided whether to widen it in its current location or to bypass downtown Solon. This decision, once made, will most likely influence the direction of growth in Solon.

Public Safety

Essential police protection services are provided in Solon through a contract with the Johnson County Sheriff's Department. The Solon Fire Department is a volunteer department with over 30 members, serving the greater Solon area. Water and sewer services are provided directly by the City of Solon. Both will be improved in the next 5 years to meet increased demands on the systems. The City will also be analyzing storm drainage in the City limits and start a drainage improvements program.


Educational opportunities are readily available to residents in Solon. In addition to Solon Community Schools, there are several college and university services within 20 miles of the City.


Solon is a growing community. Until now, most of the growth has been in residential uses. However, with the increased number of households in the area, there is an increased need for more commercial businesses in the area. The City is growing to afford additional services, such as more (and a greater variety of) restaurants, dry cleaning services, professional services, etc. The City plans to encourage economic development and enhance the opportunities in the community for businesses to locate there.

Culture & History

Culture and history can provide a unique identity to a City. Community design, architectural guidelines, and landscaping features can maintain that cultural feel. Solon has strong architectural culture that should be enhanced and maintained to keep with the historical significance.

Future Growth

Future growth of Solon should follow logical boundaries, protecting rural areas and efficiently expanding utilities for urban uses. The City will continue to coordinate annexations with other jurisdictions to ensure the best future growth while protecting natural resources and rural uses.

To encourage future growth to be done in a cost efficient manner, the City has adopted land use policies to best manage this. Additionally, it is important that the City maintain a zoning ordinance that addresses land use patterns to best guide the growth in Solon to minimize the impacts of conflicting uses and development types. Subdivision and site plan review ordinances supplement the zoning ordinance to better serve the level of growth in Solon. Finally, the City will accommodate the potential growth by continually evaluating infrastructure needs.