What is the curbside brush pickup policy?

Brush collection begins in April.  Brush is collected the FIRST MONDAY of each month, April through November. Neatly place brush parallel to the curb by 7:30am. No brush shall be larger than 8 inches in diameter and no longer than 15 feet in length.  Please be patient as it can take a few days for Public Works to get to all brush piles.

Brush pickup shall consist of Twigs and Branches ONLY. The City will not collect grass clippings, stumps, garden waste, rocks, sod, leaves, bushes, and dimensional lumber.

Johnson County Refuse will pick up all types of yard waste provided they have a YARD WASTE sticker on the bag.  Items include leaves, sod, grass clippings, bushes, and garden waste. Stickers can be purchased at the Solon City Hall, 101 N Iowa Street. Each sticker costs $1.25 and is good for one (1) bag up to a 39-gallon capacity with a 40-pound weight limit. They will be picked up with garbage on Fridays.

The City also has a compost site available behind the new Public Works Building located at 1031 Stinocher Street.  City residents are allowed to drop off landscape waste only in marked areas. This area is camera monitored.  Free compost available. 

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